The Swims

Below is my calendar of the 12 swims I am doing in 2019, I’d love you to join me for a swim or as a cheer squad, let me know if you are coming along 🙂


Rose Bay swim finishSydney Harbour Splash in Rose Bay, NSW Australia

TICK!  Done, read about my January swim here.







medal at the february swim5km swim at The Cole Classic in Manly, NSW Australia

TICK!  Done, read about my February swim here.





March has been a tough month with the bulging disc in my back, and the resulting 3 weeks out of the water, so getting back to fitness has taken a while.  Now as I write this on 28th I am feeling good, but don’t want to push my back and do 5km this week and then again next week, so it’s a month off, and I’ll have to fit in an extra later in the year.  Sometimes health comes first!


5km Balmoral Swim, NSW, Australia

Due to cancer surgery in mid April I won’t be able to do the Gold Coast swim 🙁 So will do this one instead, which I also did last year.


Unfortunately my fitness and recovery wasn’t up to a 5km swim in May – I will have to make it up later in the year.

JUNE 10th

June 5km swim route

This was a local 5km swim at Manly with friends, unfortunately in Sydney in winter there are basically no swimming events….


TBD, I think that considering the water is so warm I could do another Sydney swim, maybe south of the bridge….




5km swim in Hervey Bay, QLD

Enzo’s Ocean Swim Classic in Hervey Bay, there are shorter options and longer if you fancy joining me 🙂


10km swim in Fiji

My first 10km since I had to back out of the April one due to the operation, this sounds much nicer with a holiday in Fiji!


5km swim at the Husky Hop, Jervis Bay, NSW Australia

This looks like a lovely swim, in that it is a destination swim, from point A to point B no laps.  But Jervis bay in October, the water is going to be a bit chilly I think… better swim fast!


5km swim in Penrith, Sydney Swimming Metro South West Open Water Championships.  This swim is in a lake and is I think x million laps round buoys, not my ideal swim 🙁

Option 2 is a Balmoral swim of 6km run by the Balmoral beach club around November 23rd – just 3 laps of a 2km course


5km Coogee to Bondi swim, Coogee, NSW Australia