The March Swim Challenge is LIVE

Do you swim?  Yes, well March 2019 is YOUR month….  I am running a month long March swim challenge to help you;

  • Improve your swim fitness
  • Improve your swim speed
  • Achieve a goal
  • Get moving more
  • Win prizes

How Does the March Swim Challenge Work?

For the whole month of March you are committing to swim challenge A or challenge B
Challenge A swim 3 times a week (this is for newbies or peeps who swim less often)
Challenge B swim 7km a week (if you regularly knock out a few kms then why not step up to this)

Each week of the swim challenge there will be weekly prize winners drawn from those who have completed the challenge for the week.  Plus at the end of the month there will be an overall prize winner drawn from the pool of all the swimmers who completed the challenge EVERY week.

This means that if week 1 you have an amazing week you will go into the draw, but if week 2 was a bit too relaxed you can still bring it home in week 3 and again enter the prize draw.

Swims Logged in Strava

After each swim you need to log it in Strava, Strava is free to use (you don’t need a fancy sports watch) and if you aren’t already using it you can easily sign up at or download the app from the app store.  More details will be sent to you when you join. If this is all too hard you can email your swims to me.

The dates of each of the 4 weeks of the challenge are:
Week 1: March 1st-7th
Week 2: March 8th-14th
Week 3: March 15th-21st
Week 4: March 22nd-28th
Bonus 3 days 29th to 31st to make up for lost time if you haven’t completed all your swimming in the other weeks, and still be in to win the month prize draw! 🙂

puddle of water

You can do your swimming in the pool, in a lake, in the ocean, hey even in a puddle if you can find one big enough!  Your choice.

There is also a Facebook group just for the challengers, details will be sent once you have joined us!

Why Should I Do the Swim Challenge?

Apart from the fact that you will be helping me to reach my goal of raising $120,000 for Ovarian Cancer research you will be benefiting from:

  • Increased swimming speed
  • Increased swim fitness
  • Feeling good due to all the endorphins that will be pumping through your body
  • Achieving an awesome goal, I mean how many kms do you usually swim a month?  If you are already doing over 28km a month, then still join in, just set your own personal goal higher, how about 56km? or 112?
  • The chance to win some fabulous prizes
  • The group support and motivation to help you keep going
  • Tone up, all that kicking and pulling is going to get those legs and arm muscles working
  • Lose weight (not guaranteed, depends if you eat more due to swimming more…)
  • Make new swimming friends through the Strava group

What Are the Swim Challenge Prizes?

LOLL poncho towels
Billabong/Roxy Backpacks filled with goodies
Vorgee goggles
Funkita vouchers
Subscription to Outdoor Swimmer magazine and more…

I live in UK/USA/Somewhere that isn’t Australia can I still take part?

For sure, I’d love as many people to take part.  It is all online so there is no reason you can’t be in it, just make sure that you log your swims regularly 🙂

I am a slow/newbie swimmer can I still take part?

YES!!  The best part is that by the end of 4 weeks you will get faster.  I know because last year I swam 1km EVERY DAY for 101 days and dropped my swimming time per 100m by 1 minute!  This is part of the reason it is good to log all your swims with time so you can look back and see how much you have improved by.

I only do breaststroke/backstroke/doggy paddle can I still join in?

YES!  This isn’t just a freestyle swimming challenge, I mean who cares how you get there just get in the water and get going.

How Much does it Cost?

$29 is all you pay to join the March swim challenge. Research shows that if you have paid to be part of a challenge you are more likely to do it. Plus all that $$ will go to my fundraiser, so not only will you be getting fitter you will be helping Ovarian Cancer research.

You can make a donation of $29 to my fundraising page rather than pay via the website, just email me after and let me know which challenge you are doing so I can send you the info 🙂

So what are you waiting for?  Join the 1000s or maybe millions (who knows???) of other swimmers who love swimming!!  JOIN your March swim challenge TODAY:
Challenge A – 3 swims a week
Challenge B – 7km a week


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