Swimming in Lake Argyle with 35,000 crocs!

Swimming in Lake Argyle
Lake Argyle

In May I will be swimming in Lake Argyle in WA for my monthly swim challenge. This one will be slightly different to the rest, as a) It is a 20km swim, b) I am doing it in a team of 4, c) The water temp is 30 degrees and d) There are 35,000 freshwater crocs who live in the lake…..

Hmmm, you may be thinking, OMG is she a crazy person. I think we have probably already established that I am indeed crazy, based on the fact I am doing so much swimming this year, so nothing new there 🙂

20km Swim in a Team

Lake Argyle swim course map

This is the course map for the 20km Lake Argyle swim. The 20km swimmers join up with the 10km swimmers and all finish on a boat the same point. Lake Argyle is 980sqm in terms of area (21 times bigger than Sydney Harbour) – it is HUGE! I’ll only be swimming in a small bit of it, and definitely won’t be doing 20km of swimming. Swimming in Lake Argyle in a team of 4 works like this, 1 person goes in and does 20 minutes, then the next person jumps in and does 20 minutes (first person gets out) etc, so I will be swimming for 20 minutes and then resting/sightseeing/enjoying the views/snapping photos for the next hour before starting again – sounds pretty relaxing 🙂

In reality I think that swimming in Lake Argyle will be more tiring than usual due to the water and air temperatures, the most important thing will be to stay hydrated. When on the boat I am guessing that I have to keep an eye on the swimmer, make sure I am ready to go if it’s me and watch out for the other boats (and crocs). This will be my first team event, so it’s all new and exciting.

Swimming in 30 degrees

Usually, the outdoor heated pool I swim in is 26 degrees, so jumping up to 30 or maybe even 32degrees will be a challenge. Obviously the biggest one will be keeping hydrated with water when not swimming, but not drinking so much that it slooshes around in my tummy and makes me feel sick! Added to that the air temperature will be up to 38 degrees, sounds like one of those days when jumping in the water won’t cool me down!

You may think, why would anyone do this? Good question. First up it is an unusual swim, there are not many lakes you can swim in with this kind of water temp, plus the scenary will be stunning. It is an adventure, I get to do something new and different and challenge myself in a new way – I know I can do 5km, but 5km in 32 degrees…. that’s another story. Plus I’ve heard that you get a glass of champagne on finishing, if that isn’t a reason to do the swim I don’t know what is 🙂

35,000 Crocs

freshwater crocodile

Swimming in Lake Argyle with 35,000 crocs, is probably the most scary part of this swim for me. I know that I usually have to watch out for sharks, but the kind of sharks that usually swim with me are not the kind that nibble on you. Having said that these are freshwater crocodiles which aren’t known to nibble either, but there is something about crocs that I find more scary than a shark…. Maybe it is the scaly skin, or the teeth that you can easily see… Either way I hope that I don’t see any while I am in the boat or the water.

Bring on May

In just under 6 weeks I will be heading to Kununurra for this epic swim, I can’t wait, it will kick off the 3 x 5km swims that I can’t wait to do…. This one, then Marseille in June and finally Costa Brava in July.

If you have done the Lake Argyle swim I’d love to hear how you found it and any tips you have for a newbie!


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