Week 1 Swim Training A Busy Week of Swimming

Officially swim training week one started this week, on Monday, December 10th to be precise.  When I say week 1, I mean week 1 of a 20 week swim training program that I am following, I found the program online at Humanrace.

My 10km ocean swim, or MARATHON!!! OMG I will be able to say on April 28th that I have done a marathon – CRAZEEEEE.

Anyway, back to the story I decided that rather than train for the individual 5km races I would start by swim training for the 10km to get me fit enough for the 10km in April.  I haven’t worked out what I will do after that in terms of swim training, but I have a few months to work that out (would welcome any ideas).

To me, the advantage of this 20 week swim training program is that there are only 4 weeks which are going to be super hard because there are 5 or 6 4/4.5km swims each week in those weeks.  This means that all the other weeks I have time to fit in a fish spotting social swim.

I realised from the last 5km swim I did in March that just training all the time is not for me, I need to build in 1 downtime no pressure swim each week so that I keep enjoying it – having said that weeks 13 to 16 (that’s in March if you want to avoid me being grumpy with you) there won’t be time for relaxing swims.  The days that I am not swimming those weeks will be off days.  I’m even thinking of taking the 6 swims a week off work!  I’ll see how it goes…..

Over the next 20 weeks and maybe further I will be doing a video diary after each swim so that you can see how I am going, if my arms have fallen off yet and what I have spotted in the water.

As I say in every video you are welcome to join me for a swim, just get in touch.  To see each video as it is posted follow my 12 Swims 4 Mum Facebook page where I will post daily, then do a weekly roundup on here.

Love to hear any comments, thoughts, ideas, suggestions please drop me a line or comment below.


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