Sprint Training Makes you Faster!

Ocean sprint trainingThe ocean at Manly this morning was a delicious temperature of 19.4 degrees, however, the waves were rather rolling, but not impossible.  It seemed like a good day for some sprint training.

Whenever I mention to anyone that I want to get faster, coaches nearly always say “you need to swim in the pool”.  I personally don’t like swimming in the pool.  I will do outdoor pools, and I prefer them to be 50m rather than 25… I mean with 25 you literally do a few strokes and then you are at the end, it doesn’t push me.

Back to this morning…  We swam over to Shelly beach from Manly which is about 750m, and is the swim I do return each most days.  However, I wanted to make it longer and harder, as although I am not officially training at the moment I want to slip in some harder swims to challenge myself.

When we got to Shelly beach I restarted my watch and you can see on the photo above what we did.

We swam to a big rock and then swam as fast as we could (sprint training) to another big rock on the other side of the bay.  Where we recovered and then raced back to the first rock, recovered and raced there and back again.

Each time when we swam from one rock to the other the idea is to go as hard as you can, yes it may be choppy (it was), and hard (it was) but you have to keep going.  Imagine you were in a race and it was the final sprint to the finish…

The first sprint training leg was obviously the easiest, whereas by the last leg I felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest and I was massively out of breath.  It is pushing yourself doing sprint training in the pool or the ocean that is going to increase your speed, because you are increasing your heart rate and improving your fitness.

The great thing about my sprint training this morning is that we now know that it is about 100m across the bay, enough to be hard but not enough to kill you – although of course, you can do longer sections.

Once we had done all those sprints I did feel like my arms might fall off, so we swam back to Manly at a more leisurely pace.

What I love about Sprint Training

  • It’s short (although feels long while you are going) and gets it done quickly
  • Do it with a friend who is a similar speed and it pushes you more
  • It gets you fitter and faster
  • You feel like you have worked out after you are done

So you don’t need a pool, just find a spot where you can swim between 2 points, eg 2 rocks, or 2 lamp posts and get going.

I wouldn’t say do sprint training every day, but once or twice a week works for me to get my heart rate going.

Do you love or the sprints?


PS Sometimes I am just not in the mood, that’s when you need a buddy!


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