Raising Money for Charity not for me!

CanToo Foundation

I have had a couple of people on Facebook doubt that I am actually raising money for charity, instead they have suggested that I am just making money for myself. It is time to clear things up.

I can kind of understand that people could assume that I am lining my own pocket, but I can assure you that I am not.

Raising Money for Charity with Can Too

I have done three swim training programs with Can Too in the past, these were a 1km ocean swim program in summer 2016/17, 2km ocean swim program in summer 2017/18 and a 5km ocean swim program in March 2018. With each of these programs I had to raise an amount for Can Too as part of participating.

Can Too is a not-for-profit organisation that helps people get fit while also helping to cure cancer. All the money raised by participants in the program goes to funding cancer research, NOT ONE CENT is spent on admin – they get corporate sponsors to cover that.

The program I am doing in 2019 is called Can Too Beyond. What that means is that I set my own exercise/sporty goal and my own amount to fundraise. You can see above my letter of authority to raise money for Can Too, this is what I send to potential partners to show that I am legit.

Why Do you pay for Things on the Website and Not on the fundraising page?

Well, some things like the swim hats I had to cover my costs, the hats cost $3 each for me to buy and $2 each to post, so from $12 I donated $7 to CanToo. If you look on my fundraising page you can see all the donations that I have made. I try to be as transparent as possible.

For events like the March swim challenge, you are more than welcome to donate on the fundraising page rather than paying on the website – you just need to let me know. It makes my life easier 🙂

What About the Travel I’m Doing? Who is paying for that?

I am paying for all the travel, swim entries, swim lessons, pool entries for training, swimming costumes, goggles etc from my own pocket. I am hoping to get some corporates involved to cover some of the costs, but if I don’t I am prepared to cover them myself.

Why am I doing it?

Good question. Well as I have said my Mum died from ovarian cancer, my Dad also died from cancer, both situations were HORRIBLE. The challenges I have done with Can Too so far to raise money for charity haven’t in my mind been hard enough (except for the first year learning to swim that was VERY hard mentally). I wanted to do something hard, something challenging, something that I could be proud of.

Why do I say it is for ovarian cancer research?

I wanted to raise the money for ovarian cancer research and I have an agreement with the Can Too CEO that if I raise the $120k then he will find an ovarian cancer research project to support. Usually when you raise money with Can Too it goes into a pot and researchers present what they are working on and the Can Too board decides which projects to fund.

I know that my Mum wouldn’t mind me pimping her out for the cause, she loved the ocean, and was a big believer in solving ovarian cancer. Plus it is a much better story if I link it back to my Mum rather than just saying it is going to cancer research.

If you have any more questions on anything I am doing, or want to see my hat financials etc please get in touch.


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