Ovarian Cancer Signs & Symptoms

Ovarian Cancer Signs

Ovarian cancer is horrible, and often isn’t caught until late, ie stage 3 or 4 where the chances of a cure are very slim.  My Mum was diagnosed at stage 4, even though I didn’t know it at the time, she did, she wrote her goodbye letter to us right after the diagnosis – it’s horrible to think that she knew it wasn’t going to improve.

Because the ovarian cancer signs and symptoms are pretty common with other diseases and illnesses they often get overlooked.  If you look at the image from OvarianCancer.net, above all the things it says to look out for can easily be explained away
– I’m tired because I’ve been working too much
– I’ve put on weight because I haven’t been to the gym etc. 

Obviously, (well maybe it isn’t obvious) but I am not a doctor, just someone who has a close experience to it, and wants women to be aware of what to look for.  So keep an eye on things for yourself and those around you.

I was also told another thing to look for is if you have a fat tummy and it just doesn’t seem to go, or if you lie on your back and then roll onto your side your tummy should kind of pile up at the side you are lying on, if it doesn’t and it just stays in the same place that is a symptom.


With my Mum I naively thought that the hystorectmy would get rid of it, but even when we talked to the surgeons before that they said if they did get all the cancer with the surgery that there was still a 1 in 5 chance it would come back in 5 years – nothing is guaranteed.  The doctors just don’t know enough about ovarian cancer and how it interacts with different people, which is why it is so important to get more research done.  Hence why I am doing a crazy year of swims to raise awareness and get $120,000 to fund a  researcher full time for a year.

Yes, I LOVE swimming, but there is loving swimming and there is training 5-10 hours a week in the water, plus the sports massages and physio that is sure to accompany it all!

Please donate to help me reach my target, who knows this researcher may have a major breakthrough that helps us all.


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