May Swimming, Winter is Coming

May swimming

Getting up in the morning to jump on my bike and head to the beach for a swim is starting to get rather chilly, I haven’t resorted to wearing my ugg boots to the beach yet, but it won’t be long, that is May swimming for you….

All Clear

This is my third week back in the ocean swimming after my thyroid operation, and the water has been FANTASTIC! I’ve now had the all clear from thyroid cancer, and no other treatment is needed thank goodness, so all that is now needed is to get my speed and fitness back up so I can get on with my swims!

My first week back in the ocean was very tiring, as to be expected after a major operation, but I still managed a respectable 6.3km over 5 days of swimming. Now my third week back in the water I am starting to feel more like myself, I have got my speed back up, not quite as speedy, but that will come. So now I need to focus on distance again, last Friday I did 2.8km, but it just wiped me out, I was very tired. I could still be getting used to taking the thyroxine, my levels may not be right, which may have caused the extreme tiredness. It was very odd as I just completely hit a wall after 2km and had to stop and breathe. I am going to try another 3km tomorrow and hopefully I feel better.

May Swimming and Sealife

giant cuttlefish

May swimming is fabulous for sea life, in the last two weeks I have seen cuttlefish, fiddler rays, dusky whaler sharks and wobbegong sharks. The photo above is a giant Australian cuttlefish that I took a photo of. Every swim I have seen amazing creatures, the time I hung out with this cuttlefish just 1m from me was unbelievable. Then today I saw four wobbegong sharks, one after the other (and no it wasn’t the same shark 4 times!) What is not to love about May swimming?

The water for May swimming is still around 20-21 degrees and I’ve been staying in for sometimes over an hour – to be honest it is much warmer in than out! Many times I’ve not wanted to get out of the ocean because of the wind! When I was fish spotting on Saturday I got a cold bum from floating and looking at the fish, so had to do more swimming 🙂

May 5km

I am still going to try for a 5km ocean swim this month, so that I can hopefully reach my target of 12 this year, it will probably just a casual one with a friend or two, as there are very few ocean swims in Sydney now that winter is coming. I think that next week or the week after I will be ready to try a 5km swim, and tick off my May swim.


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