March Swim – Come and join me

As you may or may not know February and March have been rather annoying/frustrating for me on the swimming front, I did my 5km Cole Classic swim at Manly on Feb 3rd and then on Feb 12th promptly managed to do something to my back resulting in a bulging disc – who knows what…

I was then out of the water and action for 3 weeks before getting back in swimming properly with legs and arms going last week on March 6th. As a result doing a 5km March swim has been rather hard to plan for, it has been rather 1 step forward and 2 back. However, I think that at last I am going step by step forward, and in reality it hasn’t been that long, but hard to plan stuff not knowing how long if that makes sense 🙂

As a result my March swim is one that I am organising with friends followed by breakfast on the beach at Freshwater. I’d love you to join me, the plan is to swim from Freshwater to Shelly beach with paddlers to lead the way. There are two options for my March swim, do the 5km so Freshie to Shelly return or just go one way Freshie to Shelly beach. We are planning to have cars at Shelly beach to take peeps back to Freshie for cake and fruit on the beach.

It would be great to get 30 people signed up for the March swim, so there is a little posse on the day. There is the North Steyne swim on that day as well, however our swim will start at 7.30am to get us to Shelly and back before the 2.8km North Steyne swim starts at 10.30am. The good thing about having another swim in the same location is that there will be more people in the water, and therefore people will probably feel a bit safer 🙂

If you are keen to do the 2.5km and are thinking, but I’m SO SLOW, don’t worry there will be other peeps that are not super speedy and we will be building in a few rest breaks for those doing the 2.5km if they want to take them, plus it means that we wait for people to catch up – NO ONE is going to be left alone in the ocean don’t worry 🙂

If you can join me please donate $30 to my fundraising page and put your name and distance you want to swim. We need to know numbers for catering, don’t want to run out of cake and have a riot on our hands 🙂

If swimming all seems too hard, please just pop down for cake….


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