Leaping into 2019

leaping into 2019

I am leaping into 2019 with a BIG splash – how about you? New year’s are always a good time for reflection and setting new goals. I thought that I would share with you my reflections and goals for 2019, watch out I am going to make a splash!?!? (couldn’t resist)

2018 Reflections

This year has been quite a few firsts for me in terms of swimming…
1. My first 5km ocean swim
2. First year of swimming over 406km – what the?!?! an increase of over 100km versa 2017 – however that isn’t something I feel that have to improve on every year!
3. 280 swims over the year, an average of 6 a week
4. My first swim holiday in Croatia, you can read about my week of swimming here
5. Speed increase of 1 minute per 100m over a 3km distance!

2019 Goals

If you have been reading my website you probably already know what I am going to say here… but I think it is good for me to have them all laid out and by telling you I will be more accountable
1. To swim a 5km ocean swim every month in 2019 – however, I will probably do 2 in June instead of 1 in August, as it is proving far too tricky to find a swim otherwise
2. To raise $120,000 for ovarian cancer research which will fund once researcher full time for a year, over $9000 raised so far
3. Give up alcohol until my 10km swim in April – I am finding that it really is affecting my performance for the next few days after (because I am SUCH an athlete – hehe)
4. Give up lollies (sweets for those watching from the UK) – this was a suggestion of a swim buddy who said when she gave up alcohol she ate more lollies for the sugar – to be completely honest this is going to be harder than the alcohol!
5. Lose about 15kgs by the Marseille swim in June. Partly so I have less to pull through the water and partly so I can fit into some of the lovely dresses in my wardrobe

Wow, looking at all those goals I really am going to be leaping into 2019 with a giant splash. It is going to be a BIG year. That isn’t even the half of it, there is work as well.


Just doing my 3km swim this morning and trying to write this sent me off in a nap, life gets tiring when you are trying new things, and I need (and probably you too) to remember to give myself a break. At least today was only a 2 hour nap compared to yesterday’s 3.5 hours!

Knowing that I get tired I need to build in naps and early nights into my routine, there is a lot going on and I do like to be busy, but I think 2019 will get to an insane level, well until the 10km is done in April then I can relax a bit, although a 10km in May was discussed this morning after the swim…..

Raising a glass to 2019 goals

What are you doing leaping into 2019? I’ve love to know if anyone else has ambitious goals, things that they want to do. Have a fabulous new year and don’t forget to nap!!


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