June 5km Swim DONE

As avid readers will know I am trying to do a 5km ocean swim every month this year, however, blips such as thyroid cancer have slightly slowed me down. Therefore, my June 5km swim on June 10th ended up being with friends rather than an organised event.

Manly beach in the morning

Winter in Manly this year has been day after day of calm flat seas, on the June long weekend it was so flat on the Sunday that we decided Monday June 10th (the public holiday) was the day for the June 5km swim. We started out the swim with 8 of us, but just 2 of us did the full distance…..

On super flat days it is a lovely swim down to Queenscliff and back, but that is only 3km, so instead we swam down to Queenscliff round the cliff to Freshwater beach. At Freshwater we lost 3 people who decided they had gone far enough and swam back. The 5 of us left swam over to the other side of the beach where the ocean pool is, and back to Manly. On arriving back where we started we were on 4km – huh! At this point 3 of the group went back into the beach, leaving just 2 of us….

Chrissie and I much as we wanted to go in on arrival back at Manly were intent on swimming 5km, so we set off again to the Bower break, which is about 500m away. On arrival there Chrissie said “I think I’ve got hypertherma, I feel funny”, she was however still talking, which I pointed out. She asked if she was still making sense, to which my reply was “No less than usual! 🙂 :)” Needless to say we swam on back across the bay to look at some fish before heading in.

We managed to clock up about 5.3km on our June 5km swim, here you can see the route we took. For some weird reason my watch only decided to start working at the green dot, when it should have started at the chequered flag…

Swimming in June is usually a pretty chilly time of year, I remember last year I was in my neoprene one piece at this time. On this swim the water was so flat and clear you could see the bottom the whole way, and once you were moving the temp was fine – I think that the water always feels cold whatever time of year you go in until you are used to it.

My June 5km swim unfortunately wasn’t the 5km Marseille swim that I had planned, this was due to a new business opportunity that came up at the last minute which meant I couldn’t be overseas for 3 weeks. My friends are in Marseille this weekend swimming along and will send me photos I am sure! Nearly as good as doing it myself (or so I keep telling myself!)

This 5km swim was just 6 weeks after my thyroid removal op, I felt good doing it, yes tired at the end, but I felt tired after swimming 5km before the op (pretty sure that’s normal!) I felt in May that I’d never get back to fitness or speed and wanted to test my endurance. I am really glad that I did it and not in too shabby a time keeping up with my swim buddy.

Now that we have hit winter swimming and I am in Australia getting in a 5km swim in July and August might be hard, but the water is still reasonably warm, and if I wear my neoprene booties I am sure that I am up to that goal. I might need to get some more hardcore swimming buddies though… lets see when the Marseille swimmers get home.

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