Croatia, Swim Fitness and 4 Months To Go….

This week I am on a swim holiday in Croatia with Swimtrek for a week.  The sun is shining, the sea is blue and there are some fish about.  However, today after swimming about 4.3km I realised that I have really lost my swim fitness and we didn’t even do the swim in one go!

Swimming in the lovely warm (27 degree), crystal clear water in Croatia I calculated that in a week I will be back in Australia in 15 degree water brrrrr and I would struggle if someone asked me to swim a 5km swim!  I would probably be able to swim it, but it would really not be easy and I doubt I could do it in under 2 hours…. oh March feels like such a short time away, but in terms of my swim fitness it was eons ago!

As I swam along today in the orange group, that’s medium speed, the fast group are the yellow caps who can swim 1km in 15 minutes, I thought that is wasn’t quite the swim holiday I expected speed wise.  I thought it would be a bit more meandering, I could switch into the pink caps, but they are a lot slower and I think I’d find that too frustrating, so instead I see this week as me improving my swim fitness.

The first swim today was 2.17km which I did with a pace of 2.25/100m, this is probably the fastest I have swum consistently over this distance in about 3 months!  I can already see that if I can hold this speed over the rest of the week, which is what I am planning to do, don’t fall into my slower fish spotting ways I will have a great base of fitness to build on in training for my crazy 5km swims in 2019.

The great thing about the group I am with on the swim holiday is that there is another lady called Maria who swims at more or less the same pace as me, as we swim side by side I keep thinking I am NOT going to fall behind her and I am sure she thinks the same, so we keep on swimming.


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