10km Training Starts this Week

It’s been a while between blog posts, sorry I’ve been busy with a new role and traveling to work each day (rather than working from home). But I am very excited because tomorrow my 10km training starts.

The exciting part of training for the 10km swim is that I get to go to Mana Island in October to actually do the swim…. I have never been to Fiji so that in itself will be a great adventure, just a little bit of work to do before then!

We have been given the training program for the first four weeks, luckily it starts off pretty easy with 5-7km a week. Given the fact that I have had a snotty cold for the last two weeks and when I did squad on Sunday there was a lot of coughing I think it is best that there isn’t too much swimming in the first couple of weeks. Looking back at Strava I’ve actually been swimming over 5km each snotty week so I am really not worried about the training.

I know that the 10km training is going to be hard once I get past the first few easy weeks, but I am actually looking forward to have something to focus on, a goal to achieve and buddies to train with.

I was chatting with a friend this morning about swims, and how do people train for those long distance swims (like 40km+) and have to swim for hours and hours to get their fitness up…. At the moment I think how can one person have the dedication and willpower to get out and do all that swimming? I may be telling you after October how much I loved swimming for 2 hours straight on my own and that I can’t wait to swim for longer! Watch this space…..

Meanwhile before my 10km swim I have a few 5km ocean swims to sneak in somewhere.


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